Starting this journey, the end in mind


I led my life following the advice of others, following the usual frame suggested to everyone. Go to school, get educated, then get a job, build a career, marry someone, have kids, wait for death.

Wait for death! All life is about doing, but I get to wait for death? Is there really no advice in this field? Can I do something about it?

I’m honestly at the very start, working toward a career, but I soon realized that there are other things I want to do as well. As a visionary millennial, I also want to have my share of impact in this world and do something. I need a company that does something different, thus I joined an entrepreneur training and startup launch program at the Founder Institute.

We live in the most comfortable era for humanity. We can live like kings, enjoying fruits from distant countries at breakfast. Entertainment soothing to all our tastes, and medical care extending our lives by years. We even get the feeling of immortality. Until maybe an accident happens and then it is a nightmare for you and your loved ones.

Do you have a health proxy? Who is allowed to visit you in hospital? Who can take medical decisions about you? Have you stated your preferred life and death preferences? Yes, it is uncomfortable to think about it, but worth the time.

How about your finances? What happens to all that hard-earned money? Your investments? Who takes over your bank account?

I am an expat, living the life I want. But far from home, far from my family. Today, in case of an accident. No one can see me in the hospital, no one can help the doctors take a decision. My money goes to my host country not my family, and I even keep paying my debts after death. My body would be disposed instead of buried. My family, living in a distant country and not even having a common language with my host country, would have tremendous legal problems trying to make it different.

I want to make this different for myself and for everyone else. I want it to be like a good investment. Set it up and forget about it. And be sure I truly don’t need to worry about this, be so relaxed that I can truly enjoy life.

I would be happy to listen to your comments. You can always contact me, just fill up the form over the contact us link.

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash