Dying is always out of your mind

Because when you are prepared for everything your mind is as calm water

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We're Professional

Death is a topic that concerns us all although we rarely talk about it. Our team of lawyers, psychologists, tax advisors are here to help you.

We're Creative

It might be the end of your life, but it is no reason not to leave with a bang.

We're Genius

Our team is very empathetic and extremely solution oriented.

Impeccable execution & broad portfolio

From counseling to planning and execution we accompany you all the way.

Plan your departure with us

Our Services

Transfer of Bank administrative rights

Once you have left, your banking accounts will be under the management of your designated person.

Closing contracts

Debt doesn’t really go away with you. All your contracted services need to terminated otherwise your accounts are still charged.

Closing social media accounts

Your accounts can be closed or converted to a memorial page

Establishing a will and execution

Declare how your wealth is going to be distributed after your death. We’ll make sure it happens that way.


Only death and taxes are for sure and your motherland will even charge taxes upon your death. We provide tax advisory to better take advantages of tax laws.

Funeral ceremony

Although you are dead, it is no reason for it not to be a lively event where your loved ones meet again and rejoice having met you in life. We organize a ceremony to the best of your liking.

Reunification with earth

Whether you want to be buried on land or sea. Cremated and have your ashes collected or dispersed to the wind. We take care of all the logistics and environmental regulations.

International legal paperwork

In our current globalized economy, you might have lived and worked in various countries and be distant from your family. Upon death, they need to be informed, receive your documents in original form and certainly translated.

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